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Consulting Services

We offer consulting services that help businesses design their global talent strategy and make decisions on international expansion. Expanding into new markets - whether it is for talent acquisition or growing the business - can be challenging, which is why our team of experts is here to help. We can help you think through everything from talent quality, costs & availability across 150+ countries to cultural considerations & softer aspects of various markets.

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Leverage our deep experience in distributed work environments as you make key decisions on your talent distribution strategy

Remote - Hybrid - In Office

Design your remote strategy based on which parts of your workforce can work remotely, which should be hybrid and which need to be working from offices.

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Geographic Footprint

Decide on your talent footprint based on which time zones work for your business and skills availability in different parts of the globe.

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Cost Efficiencies

Identify how you can optimize your talent costs while enhancing quality and availability. This is the seminal driver of your business case for a distributed workforce.

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If you structure your global talent acquisition strategy well, you will definitely enhance your talent quality and availability through a distributed workforce. Tarmack offers end to end global recruiting services to help you achieve this.

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Execution Plan

Structure your implementation plan in line with your strategy. Decide whether you need a phased approach and which parts of your organization need to manage specific parts of the plan.

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Ensure you retain and even enhance the culture you want for your organization while executing all aspects of your distributed workforce strategy.

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Legal and Compliance

With your distributed workforce strategy come several legal and compliance aspects. Talk to our experts in law and taxation whose deep expertise is available to you.

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Build your business case for payrolling & managing your global talent base in one place

Save upto 40% on your costs of employee management and payroll. Most companies don't realize how much they're spending on the corporate infrastructure they run to manage employee compliance and payroll. Use our no-fee diagnostic to find out how much you can save.

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  • Recruiting

    One stop solution for Payroll, EoR & Recruiting

  • Easy Entry

    Easy entry into new markets

  • Cost Saving

    Significant savings versus current cost base

  • Compliance

    Full compliance with laws & regulations

  • Flexibility

    Complete flexibility and scalability in business expansion

Tarmack brings you many benefits so that you can focus on one thing that matters - growing your business!

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