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ESOP Issuance and Management

ESOPs are a fundamental component of compensation in all forward looking businesses today. Tarmack makes it super easy for you to issue stock options to your team members around the world. You decide who gets ESOPs, what's the number and vesting schedule for them, and leave the rest to our compensation experts.

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Unsure about on how much ESOPs to issue to your employees? Talk to our compensation experts about industry benchmarks. They'll help you decide based on your organizational structure and industry so that you can offer the most competitive incentives to your employees. The decision, as always, is yours!

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Not sure how ESOPs fit into the overall compensation structure for talent in various countries around the world? You're not the only one! Compensation structures do vary a lot from country to country because of different regulations and practices. Reach out to our global compensation experts - they can help you think through the best compensation structure depending on the countries you are hiring talent from.

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ESOPs and Employee Loyalty

Did you know ESOPs are directly - and strongly - linked to long term employee loyalty? They impact everything ranging from employee satisfaction to output quality to loyalty. A competitive ESOP structure is a must in today's competitive business environment. Talk to our experts today to design or evaluate your ESOP quantum and distribution across your organization.

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Ready to start hiring talent from around the world but don't know where to start? Reach out to our global recruiting experts and they'll get you going!

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You could save upto 40% on costs related to your employee compliance and management

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