Pricing or Cost of Global Employer of Record (EOR), Recruiting & Payroll Services
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Build your global team with Tarmack

Employer of Record

Employer of Record

Onboard full time employees in any country without having an entity there

Starting at $99
per employee / month

What's included

  • Full time employee status for your international workforce
  • Locally applicable payroll ensuring full compliance with tax regulations
  • Employment contracts based on each country’s best practices
  • Competitive benefits packages locally applicable
  • Support from HR & legal experts as and when needed
  • Full protection of your IP and invention rights
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Recruit employees in any country in the world

Starting at 10%
of candidate's annual salary

What's included

  • Easy recruiting of employees in any country in the world
  • Fast recruiting timeline
  • Expert advice on best countries to hire from given your requirements including skills, budget, language and other factors
  • AI based matchmaking between your requirements and candidate profiles
  • Shortlisted candidate’s profiles & online video interviews
  • Full background checks on candidates available upon request
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Process payroll with full regulatory compliance across more than 150 countries

Starting at $15
per employee per payroll

What's included

  • Payroll services in 150+ countries in full compliance with local regulations
  • Choice of frequencies: monthly, biweekly, weekly
  • Fully digitized employer and employee accounts
  • Payslips and deductible investment declarations functionality
  • Expense reimbursements with complete approval workflow
  • Timesheets and attendance management
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Get a custom quote from us if recruiting or onboarding more than 10 resources

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What's included

  • Full suite of Tarmack capabilities
  • Analysis of your requirements
  • Expert advice on which geographies to hire from given your requirements including skills, budget, language and other factors
  • Immigration and mobility services around the world
  • Custom pricing based on your requirements
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