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Contractor Recruiting

Finding it difficult to hire great contractors for any of your business needs? It's a commonly faced issue - how do you find skillful and serious contractors in a world full of freelancers? For serious contracting jobs, you need someone who can help you identify great and committed talent. We are that someone.

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How It Works

Initial Consultation

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

You explain your requirements to us including your objective in hiring contractors and skills needed

Contractor Search

Step 2 - Contractor Search

We identify potential contractor candidates around the world who have the right skill set and attitude

Contractor Shortlisting

Step 3 - Contractor Shortlisting

You shortlist the contractors who you think may fit your needs, we help with shortlisting if you want

Legal Review

Step 4 - Legal Review

We review any contractor vs employee classification issues for shortlisted contractors as per local laws depending on the need and duration of your project


Step 5 - Interviews

You remote interview the contractors, Tarmack takes care of all the logistics

Proposal Review

Step 6 - Proposal Review

You and Tarmack experts together review the proposals from contractors. We compare them with our global benchmarks


Step 7 - Negotiation

Tarmack experts help you negotiate with contractors whose proposals you like

Final Selection

Step 8 - Final Selection

You select the final contractors

Ready to hire that perfect contractor that you've been looking for?

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Did you know?

As per Eurostat, in 2020, about 85% of the total workforce in the EU were classified as employees and the remaining 15% were deemed to be self-employed. Due to issues around worker protection and tax avoidance, and also the rising gig economy, the classification of workers as either contractors or employees have been the focus of lawmakers in many countries, especially those in Europe. Many countries have refined their laws to specify at what point exactly an independent contractor is deemed to have become an employee of the business they are working with.

One must therefore ensure while hiring contractors that there are no classification risks in the country they're hiring the contractor in.

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Contractor Management

Once you’ve selected the contractor(s) you want to hire, use Tarmack’s Contractor Management Module to onboard, manage and pay your contractors. Once onboarded, a contractor can be easily turned into an active or inactive mode in your account depending on your business needs.

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