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Why Hire Remote Workers?

Where do we start? The list of benefits of hiring remote or hybrid talent is pretty much endless. Of course each organization has to see how to make remote work fit in its business, but we think there are massive benefits to be reaped if you are in the type of business where it can be implemented.

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High quality talent / Wider talent pool

Hiring without geographical restrictions massively widens the talent pool available to you. A 30 mile-radius circle around your office is no longer the only area you have to recruit from, remote recruiting gives you access to high quality talent from around the world.

Easy and fast availability

No longer do you have to wait for months and months to find the right person for a new role. And no longer do you have to sweat bullets about replacing an outgoing employee. Chances of finding someone fast are much higher when your target talent pool is spread throughout the world, or even across your entire country. Besides, remote working does not involve relocation time, settling period, etc. - candidates can get straight to work, saving businesses a lot of time

Cost-effective setup

We know it's the quality of talent that matters the most, but the same quality talent can cost you very different amounts depending on whether you are hiring in Silicon Valley vs Texas vs Ireland vs Bangalore. Hiring remote employees also means reduced overhead costs on office space and the like

Build a business case to see if hiring remote workers can bring you significant benefits

Use Tarmack’s advisory team’s help as you think through the business case for moving your organization or a part of it to remote or hybrid mode. Do the cost benefit analysis of hiring new employees in remote mode.

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Higher Productivity

Latest studies have shown that employees in a remote working model very often tend to be more productive and are able to manage their time better. Remote working also eliminates the time wasted in commuting back and forth to office. Remote vs in-office productivity can be a religious debate between people, but you know which side we're on (for a vast majority of jobs)!

Reduced Ecological Footprint

A remote work setup is great for our planet too! No kidding - lesser the commutes, lower the emission, lower the pollution. Plus in an office space, employees and contractors can end up using a good amount of paper (remember that colored laser printer?!), plastic, and food packaging, adding on to wastage levels. In remote working environment on the other hand, people tend to reuse supplies and materials

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Think Global, Hire Exceptional

Did you know Tarmack can help you recruit talent across 150+ countries? Leverage our AI-driven global recruiting platform and get to the best talent fast. You’ll be amazed at what an exciting and fruitful experience it is to hire from the global talent pool!

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Join the ranks of thousands of companies hiring from anywhere in the world

Wherever you are based in the world, Tarmack scans the globe for your hiring needs and finds the best and most reasonably priced talent for you.

Want to know more about our global recruiting services?

Find out more about which countries may be best for you to recruit from given the skills you are looking for. Tarmack's recruiting advisors can give you a detailed perspective on various aspects of hiring across countries, such as skills availability, time zones, and of course, cost factors.

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