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Manage and grow your business across the globe easily

Leverage Tarmack’s global entity infrastructure for your multi-country presence. Hire sales and specialized talent in 150+ countries around the world without opening entities all over the globe. Simplify the administrative aspects of your business in full compliance with regulations. Run your global payroll in one place with a simple single-click interface.

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Make your footprint truly global

Now expanding your presence in new countries is easier than ever. Leverage our global infrastructure of legal entities across the globe to easily enter new markets, with the flexibility of transitioning to your own entities as specific markets grow in size. Easily test new markets before you decide to make significant investments in them. Leave compliance and administrative aspects of your international footprint to us while you focus on your business.

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Hire talent anywhere across 150+ countries

One of the big challenges in entering new markets is finding the right local talent who can help you start your business there. Countries can different significantly in the way their talent markets operate, making it more difficult to hire the right talent there. Use Tarmack's global recruiting capabilities to hire the right talent in any market with speed. No need to spend months trying to find local headhunters and then waiting for them to find you talent - Tarmack helps its clients hire talent within 2 weeks on average.

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Stay efficient and increase your profitability as you grow

Benefit from economies of scale that Tarmack offers for your international operations. You don't have to bear the cost of opening individual entities in a large number of countries and then managing their compliance. You also don’t have to pay high recruiting fees in unknown markets as you hire talent in them. Tarmack can help you while saving you money because our costs get spread across a large number of markets.

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Manage your payroll across countries with a single-click

Approve and run payroll for your entire global team with Tarmack's global payroll solution. Let us manage your employee base's payslips, statutory deductions, employer contribution and compliance. No need to find and hire individual payroll consultants in each country and incur delays and compliance risks that often come with a fragmented base of small vendors.

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Standardize and simplify your operations across countries

Use Tarmack's single-point solution to standardize your processes such as customer service, hiring & onboarding talent, administration and customer service across all countries where you're present. Deliver the same experience to your customers and employees in different countries. Simplify your operations across countries and increase consistency with which your teams operate.

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A One Stop Shop For Managing Your Global Team

Global Payroll

Payroll your entire global team in one place

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Employer of Record

Employ talent in any country without opening a legal entity there

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Global Recruiting

Recruit great talent around the world

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How Tarmack's global recruiting process works

Tarmack follows a tech-driven speedy process to help you recruit the best candidates for your hiring needs

You submit your recruitment needs and preferences across key parameters: skills, experience, budget, preferred geography, language preferences, and time zone constraints, if any. Our platform ingests your needs and preferences, asks for any clarifications needed, and then goes to work!

We use our proprietary AI-driven platform to identify and assess the best candidates from our global talent pool. Our algorithms work hard to evaluate candidates based on your skills & experience requirements, time zones desired, budget and other such factors so that your team doesn't have to manually do that work

We shortlist 1-3 recommended candidates per position and send you their profiles along with other key details like salary expectations. The candidates are shortlisted based on our AI-driven algorithms as well as recruiting experts' judgment.

You interview and select candidates - we also provide interview services through our expert interviewer network, you can opt for that too. We provide you guidance on compensation levels for the candidates based on which part of the globe they are based in, and help you in the negotiation if you want.

Ready to start using Tarmack to hire globally or expand in new markets?

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Build a business case to see how much savings you can generate by using Tarmack

Capture all your current relevant costs and compare them to the cost of using Tarmack. Take our advisory team’s help as you analyze the business case. The numbers will speak for themselves, we are confident!

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