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About Us

Tarmack is a global talent management platform that offers across-the-globe payroll, employer of record and recruiting services to companies of all sizes around the world. We make it possible for you to easily hire, manage and pay people around the world whether your goal is acquiring talent or entering new markets or doing both.

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How We Started

We started with a simple observation: today's business teams are increasingly becoming more global, and yet building, managing and paying teams is still done on a country by country basis.

A light bulb went on and we decided to challenge this way of working and build a platform which had a global-first approach to life rather than country-first. Where people from all over the world could come together easily to work towards common goals.

And Tarmack was born!

Story Behind Our Name

Next, we needed a name that embodied the spirit of collaboration and the excitement of meeting and working with great people from all over the world. What could be a word that captured that spirit?! We dug far and deep in all our minds and came up with all kinds of ideas but nothing really clicked. This unbearable situation went on sometime.

But then a phone call changed all that! Steady Eddie, one of our gifted developers, was traveling and mentioned on our daily team call that he was on the tarmac with the plane about to take off. TARMAC!! That was it!! In a moment of flashing brilliance, a couple of us shouted “We got it!!”. A tarmac was the thing that got everyone from different parts of the world together. And then slowly, somewhere between the realities of URL availability, our desire to make the name our own and giving it a coolness quotient, we landed on Tarmack (pun intended!). Kind of like “Tarmack your way to success!” :)

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We are your one-stop global team management platform. Build, manage & pay your global team on Tarmack!

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Use Tarmack's strategic advisory services to make decisions on your global talent footprint. Ask for our expert consultants who have the experience of helping many large and small organizations who’ve been in the same situation before!

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