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Global Payroll

Handling payroll in one country itself can be quite a task however, it becomes exponentially more complex when you have to payroll people across multiple countries. Tarmack helps you manage your global payroll with a single click, easy to use, cloud-based solution that covers 100+ countries. So you can focus on getting the right talent, and we'll handle the payroll, benefits, tax deductions, payslips and employer contributions around the globe in full compliance with local laws and regulations.

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What does a global payroll service provider do?

A global payroll service performs many tasks, including:


Single point, multi-country payroll management:

It provides you an easy way to manage payroll of your employees in multiple countries. It also streamlines your payroll processes and provides accurate and timely payroll payments

Global Reach


A good global payroll service provider ensures full compliance with local and international laws and regulations for its customers. It often also provides local tax and social security advice by itself or in partnership with other experts

Cost Saving


It provides detailed reports and analytics to support payroll decisions. This reporting is provided with easy-to-understand graphics as well as downloadable data for further analysis



It supports global mobility and expatriate payrolls, which is particularly important for companies with large multinational presence


Employer interface:

It provides employees with a self-service interface where they can track their payroll information, payslips, investments impacting taxes, and often also their leaves and leave balance

Global Markets


It offers employee benefits in accordance with the local jurisdiction and best practices in each country where its customers use it

In order to support your international business footprint, Tarmack provides not only fully compliant global payroll but also employer of record services across 150+ countries. Click below to find out more about our employer of record services.

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What are the key things to look for in a global payroll service provider?

It's not always clear to businesses what they should look for in a global payroll service provider. Here is a checklist of key factors you should consider while choosing your partner in this area:

  • 1. Experience in international payroll execution
  • 2. Capability to handle multiple currencies and tax regulations
  • 3. Comprehensive compliance reporting and audit trail
  • 4. Deep understanding of local laws and regulations to ensure compliance
  • 5. Strong data security measures
  • 6. Ability to integrate with customers’ existing HR systems
  • 7. Access to comprehensive analytics and reporting
  • 8. Flexible in pricing structure
  • 9. Responsive customer service
  • 10. Ability to scale with customer’s business needs

Save upto 40% on your costs of employee management and payroll.

Most companies don't realize how much they're spending on corporate infrastructure they run to manage employee compliance and payroll

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If you structure your global talent acquisition strategy well, you will definitely enhance your talent quality and availability through a distributed workforce. Tarmack offers end to end recruiting services to help you achieve this.

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  • Recruiting

    One stop solution for Payroll, EoR & Recruiting

  • Easy Entry

    Easy entry into new markets

  • Cost Saving

    Significant savings versus current cost base

  • Compliance

    Full compliance with laws & regulations

  • Flexibility

    Complete flexibility and scalability in business expansion

Tarmack brings you many benefits so that you can focus on one thing that matters - growing your business!

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