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Global Recruiting

Tarmack offers a new (and less expensive!) way of hiring and can help you hire talent for your needs across all functions, skills and experience levels. All you have to do is to let us know your hiring preferences on parameters such as employee vs contractor, skills, budget, language preference, time zone, and geography - we'll scan the world to find the smartest talent for your need.

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Benefits of Using Tarmack as Your Recruiting Partner

Tarmack offers several strategic benefits in talent acquisition, including:


Access to top talent

Our deep talent pool allows companies to access the best candidates from around the world, regardless of where they are located

Global Reach

Global reach

Hiring employees from different countries can help companies expand their reach and tap into new markets

Cost Saving

Cost savings

Choosing Tarmack as your recruiting partner can offer you substantial savings on your recruiting expenses due to our digitized approach to recruiting


Increased competitiveness

Companies that are able to attract and retain top global talent are often more competitive in their industries


Increased diversity

Hiring employees from different backgrounds and cultures can bring new perspectives and ideas to the company, leading to more innovative solutions and a more inclusive workplace

Global Markets

Better understanding of global markets

Global hiring brings exposure to different languages, customs, and business practices

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Now you can easily employ international remote talent in full time jobs without opening international subsidiaries. Find out more about our Employer of Record services

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How It Works

Tarmack follows a tech-driven speedy process to help you recruit the best candidates for your hiring needs

You submit your recruitment needs and preferences across key parameters: skills, experience, budget, preferred geography, language preferences, and time zone constraints, if any. Our platform ingests your needs and preferences, asks for any clarifications needed, and then goes to work!

We use our proprietary AI-driven platform to identify and assess the best candidates from our global talent pool. Our algorithms work hard to evaluate candidates based on your skills & experience requirements, time zones desired, budget and other such factors so that your team doesn't have to manually do that work

We shortlist 1-3 recommended candidates per position and send you their profiles along with other key details like salary expectations. The candidates are shortlisted based on our AI-driven algorithms as well as recruiting experts' judgment.

You interview and select candidates - we also provide interview services through our expert interviewer network, you can opt for that too. We provide you guidance on compensation levels for the candidates based on which part of the globe they are based in, and help you in the negotiation if you want.

Build a business case to see if hiring remote workers can bring you significant benefits

Use Tarmack's advisory team's help as you think through the business case for moving your organization or a part of it to remote or hybrid mode. Do the cost benefit analysis of hiring new employees in remote mode.

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Hiring contractors? We can help!

Use Tarmack’s Contractor Recruiting services in order to find skillful and serious contractors in a world full of casual freelancers. We’ll help you shortlist, negotiate with and select contractors. We’ll also help you determine that there are no contractor vs employee classification risks you are facing.

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Build your business case for payrolling & managing your global talent base in one place

Save upto 40% on your costs of employee management and payroll. Most companies don't realize how much they're spending on the corporate infrastructure they run to manage employee compliance and payroll. Use our no-fee diagnostic to find out how much you can save.

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