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Employer of Record (EoR)

How do you hire employees in countries where you don't have legal entities while also staying in full compliance with laws and regulations? Well, you can open your subsidiaries in such countries, but the cost, effort & time taken to set up each such subsidiary often render the whole exercise unviable.

To solve this problem - and enable you to hire talent anywhere in the world - Tarmack offers a global Employer of Record service through its network of entities in 150+ countries. Each entity serves as an Employer of Record in its respective country, and hence we can employ & payroll talent there on your behalf. And of course, you still maintain full control over the talent hired for you.

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Benefits of using an Employer of Record service

An Employer of Record (EoR) service can provide several strategic and operational benefits, some of which are mentioned below

Business Growth

Business growth

It can massively increase your ability to access global markets via market entry and market tests where needed

Cost savings

Cost savings

It eliminates costly startup fees and incorporation overhead that you otherwise incur when entering new markets



It provides you a lot more flexibility in your organization - you can scale up or down in individual markets easily based on your evolving preferences:



It saves you time and minimizes paperwork and administrative overhead. Importantly, also manages the complexities of labor laws and regulations in different countries, helping you focus on strategy

Payroll & Benefits

Payroll & Benefits

It makes the ongoing management of your talent footprint much simpler by giving you access to payroll services and fully compliant benefits

Did you know that as a part of its Employer of Record service, Tarmack offers global payroll across 100+ countries? Not just that, we even offer this global payroll service on a standalone basis. So if you're looking for a payroll provider for one or more countries, you're at the right place.

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What to look for while choosing an Employer of Record

In order to choose the right Employer of Record service, you should take into account the following key factors:

  1. Compliance: Global Employer of Record services should be compliant with all relevant labor laws, including minimum standards on terms of employment, overtime pay, wages, working hours, and vacation time.
  2. Pricing: Compare the pricing of different global Employer of Record services to ensure you’re getting the best value for your needs.
  3. Experience: Look for a company with a proven track record of successful global engagements. This will give you peace of mind that your employees will be in good hands and that their contracts will be protected.
  4. Flexibility: Make sure the global Employer of Record service is flexible and can accommodate your company's specific needs and requirements.
  5. Support Services: A good global Employer of Record service should provide support services that cover payroll and tax compliance, employee onboarding, privacy law compliance, and insurance administration. This ensures that your operations are compliant with local laws and regulations while providing your staff with the necessary benefits.

Build a business case to see if hiring remote workers can bring you significant benefits

Use Tarmack’s advisory team’s help as you think through the business case for moving your organization or a part of it to remote or hybrid mode. Do the cost benefit analysis of hiring new employees in remote mode.

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Global Recruiting

Tarmack has it's own recruiting platform to help you identify and attract best talent from around the world. Our capable recruiting experts work across all continents and delivers for you at a 2X pace vs industry standards.

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  • Recruiting

    One stop solution for Payroll, EoR & Recruiting

  • Easy Entry

    Easy entry into new markets

  • Cost Saving

    Significant savings versus current cost base

  • Compliance

    Full compliance with laws & regulations

  • Flexibility

    Complete flexibility and scalability in business expansion

Tarmack brings you many benefits so that you can focus on one thing that matters - growing your business!

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