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Transform Talent Acquisition in the Modern Workplace With Behavioral Event Competency Screening (BECS)

February 14, 2024 | Jessica Wisniewski

Transform Talent Acquisition in the Modern Workplace With Behavioral Event Competency Screening (BECS)

Behavioral Event Competency Screening (BECS) has emerged as a game-changer in the modern hiring procedures. It has infallibly paved the way for a more accurate understanding of a candidate’s true potential. 

Behavioral Event Competency Screening (BECS), also known as Behavioral Event Interviewing (BEI), is a technique that evaluates candidates’ competencies.

Conventional interviews usually involve hypothetical situations or rely on self-assessment. In BECS, however, candidates have to share evidence-based examples from their past experiences. This reduces the possibility of prepared responses and enables interviewers to gather authentic and detailed insights into the candidate’s real-world behavior.

How BECS Makes a Difference 

BECS evaluates how candidates have managed scenarios related to teamwork, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and other critical skills. Candidates showing strengths in communication and teamwork are more likely to mix well with existing teams. 

In this method, specific competencies are chosen based on job requirements and organizational values. Besides, it contributes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace by ensuring fair evaluation of candidates.

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The 5 Core Principles of BECS

Behavioral Event Competency Screening (BECS) is built on several foundational principles as explained below –

1. Past Behavior as Predictor of Future Performance

At the heart of BECS is the belief that how an individual has handled situations in the past. It is considered as a reliable indicator of how they will handle similar situations in the future. 

This principle lets employers analyze candidates’ previous behaviors and actions as a basis for predicting their potential success in the roles for which they are being considered.

2. Competency Frameworks Define Success

Success in a role is not left to subjective interpretation. Instead, businesses choose to  rely on clearly defined competency frameworks that delineate the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors vital for effective performance in a given position. 

This ensures that the assessments are not only structured and focused but also aligned with what truly matters for the organisational success as a whole.

3. Holistic Approach to Candidate Assessment 

BECS implies evaluating job candidates in a thorough way. This means looking not only at their technical skills but also at their people skills, emotional intelligence, and other key abilities.

With this cohesive way of assessing candidates, companies can better choose candidates who meet the job’s needs and also help achieve the long-term goals.

4. Standardization and Objectivity in Assessment

BECS emphasizes the importance of applying assessment criteria uniformly to all candidates to ensure fairness and uphold objectivity. 

This principle is vital in maintaining the integrity of the recruitment process. It also aids in ensuring that all candidates are evaluated on a level playing field.

5. Utilizing Situational Judgment for Contextual Insight

BECS recognizes that competencies and behaviors do not exist in a vacuum. Hence, it incorporates situational assessments to evaluate how candidates apply their skills and knowledge in context-specific scenarios. 

This approach provides valuable insights into their problem-solving, skills, and decision-making capabilities. 

The Key Application Areas of BECS

The BECS method is flexible and useful for various aspects of today’s work environment. Here’s how- 

Remote Work Recruitment and Adaptation

BECS is ideal for remote work settings as it helps identify candidates with the right mix of technical and soft skills, such as self-motivation and effective communication. It ensures recruitment strategies are tailored to find individuals who can excel in a remote work environment.

Integration with HR Technologies

When combined with HR technologies like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and HR Information Systems (HRIS), BECS streamlines recruitment. AI and machine learning can sift through data from behavioral interviews, this enhancing candidate evaluation efficiency and accuracy.

Enhancing Diversity and Eliminating Bias

BECS plays a critical role in improving diversity and reducing hiring bias by focusing on job-related competencies over subjective factors. This leads to more inclusive hiring processes and diverse workplaces.

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Legal Considerations and Compliance

BECS supports legal compliance in hiring by standardizing processes. This objective approach helps organizations defend their hiring decisions, align with legal guidelines, and provide transparent documentation for audit purposes.

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Implementing the BECS can be challenging due to the need for specialized training in conducting and analyzing behavioral interviews. 

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