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Planning to Hire Emiratis? Get Top Insights into the Talent Market of the UAE 

March 10, 2024 | Michael Warne

Planning to Hire Emiratis? Get Top Insights into the Talent Market of the UAE 

For companies outside the United Arab Emirates (UAE) wanting to hire from its diverse and skilled workforce, it’s important to understand the local job market and culture. 

The UAE is a key spot that connects the East and West, making it a melting pot of talents across various fields. This offers international companies a chance to enhance their teams and bring in fresh ideas. 

That said, recruiting in the UAE also involves navigating through its specific laws and cultural practices, which can be challenging without the right knowledge. 

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A Simplified Guide for Global Businesses Looking to Attract Talent from the UAE

Here’s what you need to know about the workforce dynamics in the UAE.

1. Understanding UAE Labor Laws

 If you plan to hire UAE citizens to work in your country, check the visa requirements. For recruiting UAE residents for remote work, be aware of taxes and legalities for both your company and the employee.

Make sure your employment contracts are in line with your country’s laws and UAE regulations, especially regarding confidentiality and non-compete terms.

It’s a good idea to look into these carefully, maybe even get advice from a legal expert who knows about working with people from different countries.

Another thing to consider is what happens when an employee leaves their job. In the UAE, employees often get certain benefits when they finish working somewhere, and not getting these might make someone think twice about joining your team if they’re moving from the UAE. 

So, when you’re making job contracts for people from the UAE, make sure these contracts follow the laws of both your country and the UAE. This is especially true for rules about confidentiality and not working for competitors (non-compete). 

Getting this right will not only keep you out of legal trouble but also make your job offer more attractive to potential employees in the UAE.

2. Cultural Insights

The UAE workforce is diverse, and being open to this diversity is key.

Respect for Islamic traditions and holidays, like Ramadan, is crucial for building good relationships with UAE-based employees.

Although English is widely spoken in the UAE, translating important documents to Arabic can help you show respect and may also be legally required. Most importantly, this could help you in better employee attraction and retention.

3. Capitalizing on Emiratisation

The Emiratisation policy aims to increase the employment of UAE nationals in the private and public sectors, promoting the inclusion of local talent in the workforce. This initiative seeks to ensure that Emiratis play a significant and growing role in the country’s economic development.

While it is focused on local employment, knowing about it can help you identify skilled UAE professionals interested in working abroad. Engaging with such talent, especially students or those seeking international opportunities, can be beneficial.

4. Free Zone Regulations

Free Zone Regulations in UAE are rules set to govern businesses in designated areas where companies can operate with tax exemptions and full foreign ownership.

Understanding these regulations can help if you are considering opening a regional office or partnering with a Free Zone-based company to support your hiring efforts. This knowledge is crucial for making attractive job offers to UAE talent.

5. Remote Work Policies

With more people working remotely, hiring UAE professionals has become easier. Still, think about the legalities, such as taxes, data protection, and using tech tools that comply with UAE rules. 

This includes understanding and complying with UAE-specific regulations regarding taxes, data protection, and the use of technology tools that align with local laws.

Set up clear policies for remote work that detail expectations regarding communication methods, work hours, and performance standards.

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For global businesses interested in hiring from the UAE’s skilled and diverse talent pool, knowing the local employment laws and cultural practices is vital. Ensuring your recruitment efforts are respectful and legally sound can lead to the successful hiring and retention of UAE professionals. 

It would be best to work with a top HR expert like Tarmack to smoothly navigate these aspects and establish a rewarding work relationship. Let us collaborate and level up the talent quotient of your organization. Get started now!

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