Staffing Or Employer Of Record (EoR)?
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Staffing Or Employer Of Record (EoR)?

September 25, 2023 | Jessica Wisniewski

Staffing Or Employer Of Record (EoR)?

When it comes to international talent needs, staffing – or staff augmentation – is often the channel used by many companies seeking to expand their global reach. However, what most companies don’t realize is how Employer of Record (EoR) can be a far superior option. While staff augmentation can provide access to international talent, it often comes with significant complexities and risks that EoR can effectively mitigate. EoR services excel in managing the intricate web of international labor regulations, ensuring compliance, streamlining payroll, and offering unmatched flexibility, all while typically charging lower fees compared to companies with a staff augmentation model. In the realm of global talent acquisition, EoR is a game-changer that allows companies to tap into international markets with confidence and ease.

The Allure of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation, with its ability to provide access to international talent quickly, often seems like the logical choice for companies venturing into new markets or seeking specialized skills. It allows businesses to fill skill gaps and bolster project teams swiftly. However, what many companies fail to consider are the significant challenges and risks that come with staff augmentation, especially in the context of international talent acquisition.

The Hidden Complexities

International talent acquisition through staff augmentation can be laden with complexities. Navigating the myriad of employment laws, regulations, and tax requirements in foreign countries is a daunting task. Companies often find themselves in unfamiliar legal territory, which can lead to compliance issues, legal disputes and unforeseen costs. Furthermore, managing payroll, benefits, and taxation for a globally dispersed contingent workforce can quickly become an administrative nightmare.

The High Stakes of Non-compliance

Compliance is a critical concern when hiring international talent. Each country has its own unique set of labor laws, immigration regulations, tax codes and Permanent Establishment (PE) rules. A misstep in any of these areas can have dire consequences, including hefty fines and reputational damage. Staff augmentation leaves the burden of compliance squarely on the shoulders of the hiring company, exposing them to significant risks.

The EoR Advantage

Employer of Record (EoR) services offer a compelling alternative to the challenges posed by staff augmentation in the realm of international talent acquisition. Here’s why EoR is the superior choice:

Lower Costs

First and foremost, the EoR option is almost always much cheaper than staff augmentation. A good EoR service provider’s fee will typically not be than 10-15% of an employee’s actual salary unless the employee is from a very low cost salary. For countries where salaries are higher, this fee may actually be much lesser, sometimes going as low as 3% or even lesser based on the salary of the employee. (Our plug! For example, our fees at Tarmack will often be in this range for many developed countries, specially if you need several people and not just one or two.) A staff augmentation service provider will often charge you 30-70% of the employee’s salary in markup. Further, as explained below, converting staff augmentation talent to employee status is a lot more expensive than converting talent hired through the EoR option. The math speaks for itself!

Bond of Employees with the Ultimate Employer

In the EoR model, individuals recognize that they are essentially your employees, and the engagement with an EoR service provider is solely due to legal constraints such as the you not having a legal entity in the country where they resie. This understanding fosters a strong sense of belonging and loyalty, resulting in higher motivation levels and improved performance. Conversely, in staff augmentation arrangements, employees often perceive themselves as part of the staff augmentation provider’s workforce, leading to ambivalent loyalties at best and clear loyalty to the staff augmentation service provider at worst. In most cases, they feel disconnected from the client company. This emotional and psychological association with either the client or an external partner can substantially influence their performance and motivation.

Easier Conversion to Employee Status

Staff augmentation service providers often charge a hefty fee (e.g. one month of salary or even more!) if you want to convert their employees into yours. In addition, if you are using a staff augmentation provider in a country where you are yet to set up your entity, then once you decide to open your entity and convert your staff augmentation talent to employee status, you will have to find a payroll provider, figure out how to provide employee benefits, and find someone who can ensure your local compliance. On the other hand, if you hire your staff through an EoR service provider, you will typically may minimal or sometimes even zero fees to convert your staff to employee status. Further, the right EoR service provider can even help you open your local entity, and continue to be your payroll and benefits provider even after your shift your staff to employee status in your entity.

Flexibility in International Expansion

Global EoR service providers offer unparalleled flexibility when it comes to scaling your international workforce. They are often present in a large number of countries so you don’t need to locate individual staff augmentation partners in each country. Tarmack, for example, is present across 150+ countries. Whether you need to hire talent in multiple countries or respond to fluctuating project demands, the right global EoR partner can allow you to expand or contract your workforce quickly and seamlessly.

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Expertise in International Compliance

EoR providers specialize in navigating the complex landscape of international employment laws and regulations. They ensure that your contingent workforce remains fully compliant with all relevant laws, minimizing the risk of legal complications and penalties. With EoR, you can confidently expand into new markets while staying on the right side of the law.

Streamlined Payroll and Benefits

Managing payroll, benefits, and taxes for an international workforce can be a logistical nightmare. EoR services take care of all these aspects, ensuring that your workers receive accurate and timely compensation, along with access to benefits. This not only simplifies administrative burdens but also enhances job satisfaction and retention rates.

Risk Mitigation

EoR providers assume a significant portion of the risks associated with managing an international workforce. From workers’ compensation claims to employment disputes, EoR services reduce the financial and legal exposure for your organization, giving you peace of mind. Typically these benefits will not be available to you if you choose the staff augmentation option instead.

Choosing EoR for International Talent Acquisition

In the competitive landscape of international talent acquisition, Employer of Record (EoR) shines as the superior choice. It offers strong cost benefits, expertise in international compliance, streamlined payroll and benefits administration, unmatched flexibility, risk mitigation, and cost efficiency. EoR allows companies to access global talent pools with confidence and ease, without the complexities and risks associated with staff augmentation. And perhaps most important, the choice between EoR and staff augmentation extends beyond legal and administrative factors; it also plays a pivotal role in shaping the emotional bond between employees and the organization. It’s time for businesses to recognize the power of EoR and leverage it to drive their international expansion efforts forward.

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