Top 5 Hacks To Hiring & Managing Talent Abroad
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Top 5 Hacks To Hiring & Managing Talent Abroad

July 31, 2023 | Jessica Wisniewski

Top 5 Hacks To Hiring & Managing Talent Abroad

With the advent of remote work, there has been increased interest in hiring talent abroad. It not only helps the company to expand globally but also brings in diverse talent from all over the world. This fosters a culture of innovation as it helps bring new perspectives to the table. These are some of the top hacks to hire and manage talent abroad. 

1. Run a paid campaign on job sites and social media. 

Knowing how to use social media for professional networking can help hire talent from across the world. Drawing up a well-worded job description, defining the target audience, adjusting one’s budget and bidding strategy and creating compelling advertisements are some effective ways to find people online on both professional job sites and social media like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

One of the best methods is to use targeted advertising on sites to reach specific audiences based on skill sets, locations, salary specifications or job descriptions. It is necessary to monitor the performance of these targeted ads through analytics tools such as click-through rates, engagement and conversions. Keeping track of these ads’ effectiveness also helps streamline them for future use. 

2. Hire global employer entities. 

Hiring a global employer organisation or employer of records helps make the recruitment process seamless. These entities are typically well-equipped with local knowledge and expertise, thereby helping the company find the right local talent for the respective open position. They can help companies overcome language and cultural barriers. It is also a cost-effective option as it saves the company from the hassle of having to hire a separate legal entity in the region they are setting up. It provides companies with flexibility in hiring practices based on their scalability as required. Since setting up in foreign markets requires compliance with local employment rules and regulations, these services help them mitigate any risks and avoid penalties related to it. Therefore these entities act as local experts who guide the company throughout the recruitment process. 

3. Research the local market and be aware of cultural differences.

It is vital that companies thoroughly study the local market of the region they are looking to hire from in order to offer competitive packages to potential candidates. Understanding the job market helps one to avoid making costly mistakes either by providing a salary that is too low or too high. It can also help one to adhere to the local norms and regulations pertaining to employment, such as working hours and benefits. 

It is equally important for companies to recognise and locate the cultural context of their foreign hires. In this time and age of globalisation, heterogeneity is universal and inevitable. Therefore, it is crucial to build a work culture that is both accepting and aware of such differences. Being cognizant of the cultural context helps the company understand how it impacts the workers’ work style. This helps with maintaining respect and enhances the employees’ satisfaction with their workspace. A diverse workplace enables intercultural competency, which enables one to foster a more inclusive environment that is both productive and protective. 

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Therefore it is vital to nurture diversity and inclusion as part of the work culture to make the employees feel valued. This can be achieved by regularly hosting diversity inclusion and cultural awareness training programs. 

4. Formulate a robust onboarding and training process. 

Onboarding a remote team working from different parts of the world can be quite a challenge. It is crucial to make the new employees feel welcome and to let them imbibe the values and goals of the company, thereby helping them feel connected to the culture of the workplace. Thus orienting them towards the company’s vision and mission can be achieved through training on the company’s policies and procedures, providing them with access to critical resources to meet their role expectations, outlining key performance indicators and providing constructive feedback. 

5. Invest in remote technology 

Building a remote workforce abroad requires one to create an atmosphere that is actually remote-friendly. This entails investing in technology that makes remote work more productive and user-friendly. This includes video conferencing tools, software related to the company’s operation, project management software and an internal chatting application with built-in translators. Communication is one of the most significant issues of working remotely, especially if it involves different time zones and language barriers. Therefore, setting boundaries for how and when to communicate helps set the tone for efficient interpersonal working in the company.

This establishes proper channels for employees and managers to collaborate with one another to attain the goals of the company. 

Hiring and managing talent abroad can be a great way to expand one’s business globally and to access the talent pool worldwide. In order to do so successfully and efficiently, it is important for companies to run targeted paid campaigns, hire global employer entities, research the local market, be aware and accepting of cultural differences and invest in remote technology. Thus these are some of the hacks which help the company in managing a global workforce smoothly.

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