Philippines: The Untapped Pool of Global Talent
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Why the Philippines is the Ultimate Destination for International Talent Acquisition

March 10, 2024 | Jessica Wisniewski

Why the Philippines is the Ultimate Destination for International Talent Acquisition

As the modern global economy is unfolding faster than we contemplated, international businesses are in a relentless quest to discover untapped talent pools that can propel them to new heights of success. 

Amidst this quest, the Philippines emerges as a shining beacon, offering a hub of talent that is ripe for the picking. 

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Top 8 Reasons to Work With the Filipino!

Here’s why savvy businesses are turning their eyes towards this vibrant talent market, and why you should too!

#8 It is a Multilingual Powerhouse

One of the Philippines’ standout features is its exceptional workforce proficiency in English. As one of the biggest English-speaking countries and with a 96% literacy rate, the country offers a great communication base for international companies. 

The strong language skills, together with the natural warmth and kindness of the Filipino people, make working together easy, productive, and successful.

#7 Cultural Compatibility at its Best 

Perhaps one of the Philippines’ most underrated assets is its cultural adaptability. For centuries, the Philippines has been a meeting point of Eastern and Western cultures, giving Filipinos a mix of adaptability, toughness, and a strong work ethic that matches well with what international companies look for. 

This cultural compatibility makes it incredibly effortless for companies to integrate Filipino talent into their teams, fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment.

#6 Education Meets Innovation

The educational system in the Philippines is rigorous. It lays a strong emphasis on innovation, technology, and communication. 

Filipino professionals are well-groomed to be adaptive and tech-savvy problem solvers who can navigate the complexities of the modern business world with ease. 

Whether it’s IT, engineering, healthcare, or creative services, the country produces a stream of fresh graduates and seasoned professionals who are ready to take on global challenges!

#5 Support from the Government

For companies wanting to tap into Filipino talent, the government offers strong support. 

This includes making it easier for foreign investments to come in, improving basic services, and offering incentives to foreign companies. 

For example, providing tax holidays and incentives for foreign companies setting up in special economic zones (SEZs) or the IT-BPO sector. The government also offers reduced corporate income taxes and customs duty exemptions for eligible foreign investments.

The government is also focused on upgrading workers’ skills through ongoing education and training, making sure they stay competitive on the global stage. 

For instance, it supports Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) centers to enhance vocational skills pertinent to the global market.

#4 The Leaders of Digital Change

The Philippines is at the forefront when it comes to digital innovation. As the world moves more towards working online and digital businesses, Filipino workers have shown they can easily adapt. 

This makes the country a good choice for companies looking at remote or flexible working options. 

The increase in internet use and the push from the government towards becoming more digital means companies can work smoothly with the digital skills of local workers.

Tapping into this vibrant talent pool can enable companies to stay ahead of the curve and continuously progress.

#3 A Growing Economy Full of Opportunities

Even with challenges in the global economy, the Philippines continues to grow steadily. This growth means the job market is full of chances for both local workers and international companies. 

And this optimistic outlook doesn’t just bring in investment. It also gives workers the confidence and drive to strive for better, pushing for innovation in their jobs.

#2 A Strong and Dedicated Filipino Workforce

The Filipino workforce stands out for its strength, flexibility, and strong work ethic. With a young and fast-growing population, it offers a constant stream of vibrant workers every year. 

With the age group of 35-44 being the most employed, It’s mostly young people, who are very comfortable with technology and can easily adapt to new changes. This makes the workforce in the Philippines an exciting prospect for businesses looking for new and creative ideas. 

The Filipino workforce is renowned for its dedication, with many going above and beyond to ensure that they deliver nothing but the best. This unparalleled work ethic is a precious asset for any business aiming for long-term success and sustainability.

#1 Diverse Job Market

The job market in the Philippines is both varied and lively. It includes many sectors such as –

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Consumer electronics
  • Energy
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO),
  • Manufacturing 

The strong BPO sector shows that the country can meet the needs of international markets, and this is made even more promising by the growing IT and startup scene. 

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In the hunt for international talent, overlooking the Philippines could be a missed opportunity of epic proportions. With its rich blend of unique characteristics, the Philippines is a great place to hire talent and a strategic move that could redefine the future of your business. 

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