Top 10 reasons to consider an Employer of Record (EOR)
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Top 10 reasons to consider an Employer of Record (EOR)

August 16, 2023 | Jessica Wisniewski

Top 10 reasons to consider an Employer of Record (EOR)

An employer of record (EOR) service is an outsourcing service provided by a company that serves as the official or legal employer for a group of employees or contractors. They are the legal entity responsible for tasks including payroll management, tax filings, onboarding, benefits, termination, reporting, and stock options. They handle the paperwork and address compliance with local labour laws, tax regulations, and other employment standards mandated by the state. Given the evolving perspectives on work by both employers and employees, particularly with the emergence of the gig economy and the growing trend of hiring a remote workforce, it is pertinent to stay updated on the advantages of engaging outsourcing entities.

Outlined below are the top ten reasons to consider an Employer of Record:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Engaging an employer of record service reduces the necessity of hiring in-house HR and legal consultants, and investing in HR- technology and related software. This aids the company in cutting costs particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses as setting up these departments can incur expenses which might be a strain on their business. These services also grant access to group benefits and insurance plans at reduced expenses. While hiring workers from different  regions globally without an Employer of Record is possible, it necessitates establishing a legal entity in that region,  thereby obliging the company to undertake the entire spectrum of responsibilities in a new country, including hiring legal consultants and payroll specialists, among others.

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  1.  Time Savings: It enables companies to focus on their core business activities while delegating legal and hiring processes to the Employer of Record. This allocation of resources enhances productivity and efficiency by enabling concentration on critical tasks.  
  2. Compliance: Ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations is a significant reason for considering this service. Due to variation in laws across regions, tackling these stipulated legal requirements can be challenging.  These services manage compliance issues, helping companies avert and navigate potential legal penalties and related matters. 
  3. Flexibility: An Employer of Record service provides flexibility in hiring practices accommodating fluctuations in organizational workforce needs in. It allows room for scaling up or down as per the needs of the organisation. 
  4. Expertise: These services provide access to Human Resources experts and other professionals proficient in payroll management, tax filings, benefits administration, and training support.
  5. Smooth Expansion: When aiming to expand internationally, companies seek to diversify their markets and mitigate risks. Employer of Record services facilitate this expansion, easing the set of operations in new territories and navigate local employment laws and regulations. 
  6. Access to Talent Pool: Employer of record services grant companies access to local talent, facilitating the recruiting and onboarding process for individuals with the skills suited for the company’s needs.
  7. Enhanced employee satisfaction: With administrative tasks managed by the Employer of Record services, companies can allocate resources to cultivating organisational culture, improving practices, and boosting employee engagement. Tailored employment packages contribute to a  more streamlined experience fostering higher work satisfaction and retention.
  8. Technology Access: The Employer of Record services leverage cutting-edge technology to simplify and tailor HR-related requirements, enhancing efficiency and saving time. 
  9. Administrative Burden Reduction: By outsourcing recruitment, payroll, benefits, and laws compliance, the company can focus on strategic activities including other HR transactional aspects. 

In conclusion, engaging an Employer of Record service offers an array of benefits, as it handles various, administrative tasks related to human resource management and legal obligations. Opting for the right outsourcing service and partner aids in efficient and effective company management. 

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