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Data Analyst with 8+ Years Experience in Advanced Analytics


With a PGDM in Applied Statistics and over 8.4 years of experience in the Data/Advanced Analytics field, they possess a strong knowledge of Statistics. They are familiar with R Programming, R Shiny, SQL, and Tableau. Their skills include inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data to uncover valuable insights and support decision-making. They are able to apply appropriate statistical techniques to solve problems and provide input to business users. Additionally, they excel as effective communicators and possess excellent analytical, interpersonal, organizational, and mentoring skills. Furthermore, they have a deep understanding of Data Mining techniques, such as Regression Analysis, Clustering, Customer Segmentation, Time series, and Market Basket Analysis.

Work Experience


Investigation Manager
  • Designed alerts using cluster analysis to identify new forms of market manipulation
  • Developed an insider trading model to identify and prevent market abuse practices
  • Conducted exploratory data analysis (EDA) of order and trade data to identify trading patterns and detect market manipulation.
  • Utilized cluster analysis in R to generate client profiles based on their trading behav


Consultant Data Science
  • Conducted exploratory and predictive data analysis to assess the significance of predictor variables.
  • Extracted insights from the data and presented them to shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Utilized R programming to generate tables, listings, and figures for data analysis.
  • Prepared weekly Attainment and Demand Estimation Reports using Excel.
  • Developed a biweekly Price Scenario Planner using R Shiny for upper management.
  • Performed data cleaning and conducted basic exploratory analysis.
  • Ensured data stationarity by applying suitable mathematical transformations.
  • Identified moving average and correlation factors for building an ARIMAX model in R.
  • Trained and validated the model, improving accuracy using MAPE (mean absolute percentage error).
  • Calculated model accuracy by capturing the validation and training mean absolute percentage error.
  • Applied the trained model to the validation dataset to assess its performance.


Senior Analyst
  • Conducted Market Basket Analysis/Association Rules mining on large customer data to uncover patterns for cross-selling products.
  • Analyzed and created reports to support sales efforts for both existing and new customers.
  • Summarized and effectively communicated findings and potential solutions to stakeholders from both analytic and non-analytic backgrounds.
  • Proficient in handling large datasets.
  • Collaborated closely with the IT Team to optimize the data extraction process using R.
  • Conducted data crunching, manipulation, and basic exploratory analysis.
  • Segmented customers based on their purchase history.
  • Utilized market basket analysis to identify associations between promoted and unpromoted products.
  • Conducted analysis of share gain and loss for promoted items.


Pricing Analyst
  • Interpret data, analyze results, and provide insights.
  • Collaborate closely with management to prioritize business and information needs.
  • Compile comprehensive information on product sales and distribution in SAP and CRM.
  • Work with TATA business managers to achieve business objectives.
  • Deliver pricing quotes for renewal policies with Regional managers.
  • Analyze preventive part failure of commercial vehicles to provide customized services through authorized TATA service dealers.
  • Research and analyze business trends to determine their impact on the organization in the future.
  • Perform data crunching, manipulation, and basic exploratory analysis.
  • Calculate the part failure rate using the Weibull distribution.
  • Use a price elasticity model to anticipate pricing for annual maintenance contracts.
  • Employ logistic regression to predict churn rate for customers.

MEDIA COMPANY (2014-2015)

Process Executive
  • Prepare monthly operating reports.
  • Create and analyze MIS reports.
  • Plan new product launches from pre-launch to post-launch.
  • Handle large volume survey data for Vodafone clients.
  • Analyze survey data and provide insights to clients for promotional purposes.
  • Identify key regions where better service needs to be provided for Vodafone customers.


  • PGDASS: 68% marks, Mumbai University, 2014
  • B.Sc in Statistics: 72% marks, Mumbai University, 2012
  • XIIth: 53% marks, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, Maharashtra Board of Secondary Education, 2009
  • Xth: 63% marks, Maharashtra Board of Education, 2007


  • Received Spot Award for developing Price Simulation model in R shiny.
  • Received appreciation for developing an interactive dashboard in Tableau.
  • Received appreciation in NSE for automating client trading profile in R.

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