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Proven Data Scientist and Reporting Lead with 13+ years of Expertise


Experienced IT professional with over 13 years of expertise at a leading Multinational Company, specializing in data science, data analysis, and reporting, primarily working on Data Warehouse applications. Boasts 6 years of experience at a client location in the USA (Detroit) and an additional 2 years working at a client location in Italy (Turin). Highly adaptable and eager to embrace new challenges while demonstrating a strong willingness to learn and adopt new technologies.

Work Experience


Data Scientist
  • Developed GLM pricing model in the automotive service contract business area, resulting in more accurate pricing actions for the business.
  • Created warranty and service contract claim cost estimation model using GLM and Time Series.
  • Built service contract sales forecasting model using Time Series.
  • Implemented sentiment analysis model using NLP to analyze customer sentiment based on received feedback on IT services.
  • Collaborated with TCS R&D team to develop a data preparation and transformation tool for running machine learning algorithms, automating the model building process.
  • Proficient in managing the entire data science project lifecycle, including data acquisition, cleaning, engineering, modeling, testing, validation, and visualization.
  • Skilled in machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling, including regression models, decision trees, random forests, XGBoost, sentiment analysis, Naïve Bayes classifier, SVM, and ensemble models.
  • Experienced in statistical methodologies such as time series analysis, principal component analysis, and cluster analysis.
  • Knowledgeable in natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and text mining.
  • Familiar with building neural networks using TensorFlow and Keras.


Data Analyst/Reporting Lead 
  • Created visually impactful and actionable reports and dashboards for senior managers and directors using Qliksense/Qlikview/Cogno in the automotive service contract business area.
  • Communicated data insights effectively to both technical and non-technical clients, utilizing strong business acumen.
  • Contributed to the entire product lifecycle, from requirements gathering to production implementation.
  • Collaborated with Data Modeler and DBAs to develop data models and table structures.
  • Actively participated in discussion sessions to design the ETL job flow.
  • Compiled source to target mapping documents for designing ETL jobs.
  • Developed SQL scripts to validate data after the loading process.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in writing complex SQL queries to extract data from source systems, utilizing advanced techniques such as join, union, partition, and index optimization.
  • Utilized join operations to combine data from multiple tables based on common fields.
  • Utilized the union operator to combine data from multiple queries or tables with identical column structures.
  • Implemented partitioning techniques to optimize query performance and improve data retrieval efficiency.
  • Utilized index optimization strategies to improve query execution time and enhance overall database performance.
  • Utilized Power BI and Tableau to create visually appealing and interactive dashboards and reports to make data more accessible and understandable for end-users.


Mainframe Developer
  • Worked in the automotive service contract business area as part of a mainframe application support project.
  • Completed an initial learning program in TCS on Mainframe technologies.
  • Responsible for monitoring batch jobs to ensure smooth and efficient processing.
  • Involved in enhancing mainframe applications to improve functionality and performance.


  • Holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication from University Engineering College, Kota, earned between 2004 and 2008.


  • AWS Cloud Practitioner certification obtained in May 2021
  • Secured PSM 1 certification as a Scrum Master

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