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Data Scientist With Expertise In Data Visualization, NLP, Chatbots, Predictive Analysis


As a passionate Data Science enthusiast, the professional is seeking an opportunity that challenges their skills and allows them to enhance and expand their knowledge in the Data Science field. They have completed several online certifications to gain proficiency in Machine Learning and Data Science. Additionally, they stay updated on diverse technologies by reading and writing various blogs and articles. They actively participate in Hackathons and enjoy mentoring students to help them achieve their goals in Data Science. 

With over four years of experience in the IT industry, they specialize in data visualization, Natural Language Processing, chatbots, predictive analysis, machine learning, web scraping, sentiment analysis, Flask, and deep learning. They also have expertise in website development using Python, including Anaconda, Powerbi, Lambda expression, OOP, NumPy, SciPy, MatPlotLib, JSON, packages, functions, web scraping, and Python parser.

Worked With Top-tier Companies

  • Data scientist in a well-established organization implementing projects using various languages. (2016-2020)
  • Data scientist internship with a leading DevOps service provider. (2020-2021)

Significant Contribution to Multivarious Projects


  • Developed a web-based edubot system that used natural language processing to understand and answer questions in English.
  • The system detected the question type and applied the appropriate extraction technique to provide relevant answer blocks or phrases.
  • Enabled students to obtain specific answers quickly and conveniently, eliminating the need to sift through irrelevant results.
  • Aimed to provide e-learning opportunities to students worldwide, especially those with limited access to traditional classrooms.
  • Saved time for students and tutors by providing accurate answers without the need for individual responses.
  • Cost-effective solution for e-learning.

Travel Chatbot

  • Created an information sharing system that offered personalized answers to travel-related queries anytime, anywhere.
  • Utilized a smartphone with an android application for easy access and execution.
  • Combined existing techniques and instant messaging to effectively provide relevant travel information.
  • The system, which was in the research stage, evolved into a practical product and already served as a public service on-campus.
  • Potential for integrating mobile devices for interactive classroom teaching.
  • Empowered students to engage with information using their mobile devices.

Online Grocery Shop – Product Recommendation

  • Analyzed product usage data to recommend products based on others’ purchase history.
  • Utilized market basket analysis to identify patterns and suggest products based on buying behavior.
  • Recommended products for special occasions based on purchasing trends.
  • Visualized data to understand the grocery preferences of different customer segments.
  • Utilized collaborative filtering to recommend similar products based on buying behavior similarities among customers.


  • Pursued BE: IT from the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi mission Kamothe, Mumbai University.
  • Completed HSC from ICLE’S College
  • Completed SSC from Airoli Madhyamik School.


  • Achieved an IBM certification in Chatbot development.
  • Obtained an IBM certification in Machine Learning.
  • Completed an IBM certification in Deep Learning.
  • Acquired an IBM certification in Data Science for Python.
  • Earned a certification in Data Science for Python from Intelipaat.

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