Hire A Python Developer - QA Expertise, Communications & Networking Domain Focus Hire a Python Developer with QA Expertise and Strong Communications Networking Focus
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Hire A Python Developer – QA Expertise, Communications & Networking Domain Focus

Python Developer, QA Expert, Networking & Communications Focus


Experienced Python Developer with a strong background in QA, development, automation framework development, and Python-based web applications. Worked in most segments of networking, communications & telephony industry across hardware, software and networking. Over 11 years of professional experience.

Work Experience

Networking Giant (August 2019-Present)

Senior Software Engineer
  • Developed Restful Microservices using Python Flask
  • Developed views and templates
  • Managed multiple containers and load balancing using NGINX
  • Used Ansible and Docker for application environment management
  • Automated daily tasks with Python scripting
  • Configuration of Jenkins jobs
  • Troubleshooting incidents
  • Sprint Planning

Communications Solutions Company – Data, Radio, Video, Telephony (October 2017-august 2019)

Tech Lead and Python Developer
  • Fixed unit test cases for Python 2 and 3 compatibility
  • Ensured code quality during migration
  • Identified migration impacts
  • Project management
  • Worked on Network Intelligence project
  • Generated automated test suites
  • Developed keywords
  • Executed test plans and analyzed results
  • API development using Python Flask

Leading Mobile Device & Solutions Player (July 2015 – September 2017)

Senior Software Engineer – Automation Testing
  • Generated automated test suites
  • Developed keywords
  • Executed test plans and analyzed results
  • Developed test cases involving changes to the application using XML

Rugged (Industrial) Mobile Devices Company (July 2010-July 2015)

QA Engineer
  • Requirement analysis
  • Writing test cases using Python
  • Functionality and regression testing
  • Defect raising and tracking using Bugzilla
  • Making installer scripts using Inno Setup
  • Release management


BE(ECE) ,Vijayanagar Engineering College VTU Bellary 2008


  • Products worked on 1: AutoInfra, which is python-based Automation Framework used internally in one of the companies I worked for. It provides dashboard and reports for easy debugging and quality check. This Framework is integrated with Jenkins and Framework lets data to be displayed in User Friendly, hence making whole process help in implementing CI/CD.
  • Products worked on 2: Network Intelligence Production, which focuses on providing analytics, dashboards and reports for service provider Wi-Fi and other wireless solutions. The tool gathers data from the various system components and presents it in a user-friendly, customizable interface, enabling the service provider to better and more efficiently manage the network. The platform allows executives, operations and marketing personnel to quickly visualize their deployed inventory of access devices and understand the utilization of each network device.
  • Products worked on 3: Push to talk and Workforce Connect, which is a half duplex client server based Android application, used in various organizations for internal communication. Work force connect is a full duplex client server architecture based Android application used for internal communication within the Organization.
  • Products worked on 4 : Remote Automation Framework, which is a client server architecture wherein the framework is written in python language, It is aimed to provide fast and effective testing process for rugged mobiles. We had another important component known as SAGA, wherein there are automated test cases written in python using manual test cases as reference. The products detects the mobile devices connected to the machine and from the product front end which is on server side, User can select the device and assign a particular test case to execute on the device,execution takes place at the client side, which needs to be installed in the localmachine,Result of the test cases executed is shown in the UI with logs to analyse the cause of the failure.
  • Automation Framework Development using Python, UI Automator, Robot Framework, Sikuli and Selenium.
  • Experience working with Docker Images and Containers and Ansible
  • Experience Using REST Web Services
  • Worked with Jenkins
  • 3+ Years Hands on experience on Robot Framework Selenium 2 Library
  • Worked with Mercurial project management tool, Git, Jenkins and Docker
  • 1+ Years of Experience in Automation with Sikuli (Tool used to automate Desktop
  • Applications)
  • Experience in Python Libraries like Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, RabbitMQ, and used PEP8 Coding Convention
  • Experience in CI/CD
  • Experience in Tools & IDE like PyCharm, Eclipse, JIRA, JENKINS and Jupyter Notebook
  • Experience in Testing Android mobile applications and IOS Applications
  • Well acquainted with software Development Life Cycle and Software Testing Life cycle
  • Familiar with Agile Methodology, Participated in Sprint Plan for over 4 years

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