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Accomplished engineering leader with 10+ years of experience. Strong background in software architecture, development, and optimization. Proven ability to build and scale high-performance engineering teams. Expertise in service-oriented architecture, AWS, and database optimization Proficient in Django, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, MongoDB, and AWS stack. Skilled in server cost optimization, performance tuning, and payment gateway integration. Experienced in geospatial queries, real-time tracking systems, and API integration.

Work Experience

Leading Food Delivery Startup (2021 – Present)

Engineering Manager
  • As part of Instant Grocery Supply chain team, responsible for building Pod operations and all things related to outwarding domain.
  • Led the development of features in the Picker app and Driver app aimed to minimize picking time and handover time of the order to the DE (Handshake v3). Also built product features to minimize packaging costs in order to reduce CPD (Reusable packaging), which resulted in 1 rs gain at UE level.
  • Led and facilitated sprint planning, daily stand-ups, conducted regular 1-on-1s, provided performance and appraisal feedback to a team of 12 devs, organized team bonding & engagements, influenced and drove architecture and design discussions with architects, prioritized tech debts, mentored engineers, and
  • increased overall team productivity.
  • Reviewed PRDs, did tshirt-sizing and shared the quarterly project estimates, worked with PMs, PgMs, QA, and Design to deliver complex projects spanning multiple pods, anticipating, flagging, and resolving blockers within and outside the team.

Growth Stage E-commerce Startup (2018-2021)

Director of Engineering
  • Founding member of the team, built all the verticals of business like website, apps, and retail front using agile principles and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Scaled the engineering team from the ground up. Led and mentored a highly performant team of 20 EMs/senior devs/QAs, ensured good coding practices by code review/tech sessions, translated business goals into engineering tasks, coordinated with the product and other teams, and ensured timely delivery.
  • Built and deployed overall Service-oriented Architecture using Django,Postgres, ElasticSearch, Redis, MongoDB and AWS stack (including EC2, Route 53, Cloud- Front, S3, RDS, ElastiCache, IAM etc).
  • Ensured High Availability and Auto Scaling using AWS Auto Scaling Groups, ELB and AWS warm-pool.
  • Led the development of Retail channel with features like location intelligence in the app. Leveraged geospatial queries in PostGIS and Elastic Search to show products from nearby partner stores.
  • Established ERP as a separate service to enable real-time locking & releasing of Inventory, encompassing all the operations of supply-chain such as Purchase Orders, Inbound, Outbound, Quality Check, Serialization, RVP/RTO etc
  • Performance tuning of MySQL for main backend service, to ensure proper nor- malization, optimal data-types, indexing, and load balancing.
  • Optimized Server Cost by 50% through server, code, and DB level optimiza- tions. analyzed the cost profile, and moved few servers to Reserved instances (AWS RI) by estimating usage.
  • Migrated Search from MySQL to ElasticSearch to facilitate multi-category and multi-attribute search across the catalog, search suggestions, and fuzzy and wild-card searching.
  • Led the development of Improving mobile web page-load time by 100% us- ing dynamic image resizing, format conversion (jpeg/png to webP) using AWS Lambda , Origin Preloading, compression, lazy loading, etc. to bring down FMP (First meaningful paint) to under 3 seconds.

Legal Tech Startup (2017-2018)

Senior Software Engineer
  • Core member of MyAdvo’s tech team, designed the backend architecture of Litigation management platform using the DRF, ReactJS and PostgreSQL with features like collaborative tasks, Payment tracker, document repository, and user mgmt.
  • Created a customized notification module to send notifications to Clients for events based on frequency, event type, etc. using Celery and RabbitMQ.

Travel Startup (2015-2017)

Software Engineer
  • Worked on adding new modules to InstaRISPACS (Picture Archiving and Com- munication Systems), a comprehensive Imaging & TeleRadiology Solution, to store patient demographics, create reports, view patient history, etc.
  • Created RMS module of InstaRISPACS to download customised reports using Bootstrap, Openpyxl and Python.


B.Tech in Computer Science MIET, Lucknow

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