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Experienced Business-Technology Consultant with a strong background in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence (BI) in the pharma, retail, and digital marketing industries. Proficient in Statistical Modelling, utilizing tools like Python, NumPy, Pandas, Databricks, Scikit learn, Matplotlib, and Seaborn. Skilled in SQL (Oracle, Spark, Hive) and the Azure cloud. Works in the Advanced Analytics department, providing valuable business insights through actionable reports and analysis.

Also, expert in data acquisition, extraction, analysis, presentation, and reporting. Uses advanced analytics techniques to develop data-driven solutions and extract insights from large-scale proprietary data sources. Collaborates with clients to understand reporting requirements, aligns with key performance indicators (KPIs), and excels in cross-office collaboration environments. Able to complete end-to-end projects using both agile and waterfall models for Business Intelligence/Data warehousing. Holds an approved US B1/B2 Visa.

Work Experience


Data Scientist in Advanced Analytics – Team Lead
  • In the GSK project, provided key insights for the client’s marketing strategy using data science techniques.
  • Analyzed customer behavior, responses, and patterns to identify effective ways to reach out to customers. Responsibility and Role in this project:
  • Worked in the Digital Marketing Advanced Analytics Team for a leading global pharmaceutical client.
  • Participated in weekly meetings with stakeholders and the development team.
  • Presented data and reports.
  • Transformed business requirements into architectural models and specifications.
  • Built advanced statistical models using techniques such as NLP Topic Modeling, KNN prediction, K-Means, PCA, Random Forest, Propensity model, and Recommendation engine.
  • Managed large and complex projects, monitoring resource allocations and communication channels.
  • Led a team of 10-12 people.
  • Deployed models in production and scheduled weekly refreshes.
  • In the OMNI Channel Target and Segmentation project, extracted, transformed, and integrated digital marketing data from various sources using Pyspark and SQL.
  • Created new variables to explain key business metrics.
  • Consolidated customer analytical records for analysis.
  • Performed data checks, handled missing values and outlier.
  • Conducted PCA for variable reduction and clustering using K-means.
  • Used cluster means to understand different customer segments.
  • Identified keywords that led to higher open rates using TF-IDF score.
  • Built LDA topic models using genism.
  • Deployed models in production as a part of the Content Affinity project.
  • Suggested topics to drive customer engagement.
  • Designed user journeys to generate revenue using segmentation, content affinity, and digital behavior data of HCPs.
  • Measured revenue impact generated by the team.
  • Built propensity models using random forest to predict buying customers based on their previous history.
  • Conducted basket analysis to find products that are more likely to be bought by similar customers.
  • Used Python for coding and provided output to the campaign management team.
  • Developed a recommendation engine to suggest products to customers on webpages or campaigns.
  • Conducted Kolmogorov test, Mann Whitney Wilcoxon test, MDE test, and Cochran test.


Team Lead in Business Advanced Analytics
  • Handled different projects, including Aerie.
  • Provided competitor product insights to client ‘Aerie’ for marketing strategy decision-making before product launch.
  • Used tableau dashboard for reporting, displaying trends and key metrics.
  • Compared our product with competitor product on various dimensions.
  • Worked on Sales data, Claims, activity data from CRM, and formulary data. Responsibility and Role in this project:
  • Coordinated with onshore team to gather and analyze business needs, design optimal solutions, and define KPIs.
  • Served as Team Lead for a team of 4-6 members.
  • Created project plan, estimated effort required, and set up timelines for project completion.
  • Designed end-to-end solution for the project.
  • Applied K-means clustering for customer segmentation based on sales data.
  • Identified outliers and communicated with the client.
  • Used correlation to find the most relevant features correlated with sales.
  • Conducted text analysis for creating word cloud outputs.
  • Utilized market basket analysis to suggest different products based on transaction history.
  • Predicted salesperson who logged false calls using Random Forest on a weekly basis.
  • Participated in weekly meetings with stakeholders and developer teams.
  • Collaborated with the UX team to create Dashboard Mockups.
  • Contributed to another project Dermira.
  • Analyzed various KPIs and analytics for Dermira, a Pharma Company, to understand their business and product selling trends. Responsibility and Role in this project:
  • Gathered, analyzed, and transformed business requirements into technical requirements.
  • Created an end-to-end design in collaboration with the project lead.
  • Conducted data discovery and data modeling, created STTM (System Test Traceability Matrix).
  • Formulated test scenarios, performed UAT (User Acceptance Testing), and documented the system.
  • Optimized the system for efficiency.

FORTUNE 500 COMPANY (2015-2017)

BI Analyst in Retail Business Analytics
  • Handled the Business Operations Center (BOC) project.
  • Used by stakeholders to view live Key Performance Indicator (KPI) values at different hierarchies and levels.
  • Provided graphical presentations to easily understand the performance of Reliance industries in real-time.
  • Stakeholders from different domains such as Operations, Category, Finance, Customers, and Logistics had access to real-time KPIs.


  • B. E (EXTC) from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai in 2015 with a grade of 67.78%
  • Diploma from FR. Agnel Polytechnic, New Mumbai in 2012 with a grade of 87.24%
  • 10th from Swami Vivekananda Mandir Dombivli in 2008 with a grade of 80.92%
  • In-Plant training attended (1 Year) at TATA NELCO as an intern, focused on working with UGS and GEOCOMM systems.


  • Won first prize of RS. 1 Lakh in VIGYAN YAGNYA, a state level project competition organized by Somaiya trust.
  • Received a certificate of appreciation from FR. Agnel Polytechnic, Vashi.

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