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Senior Full Stack Developer Proficient in React JS


With over a decade of experience, the engineer has been a senior Full Stack Developer skilled in web-based, distributed, and micro-service architectures. She has demonstrated expertise throughout the development life cycle using agile and TDD methodologies and is proficient in various technologies including React.js, Node.js, Java, and MERN stack. With hands-on involvement in projects spanning e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, and banking domains, her robust technical knowledge is complemented by her experience with tools such as AWS, Docker, Jenkins, and more.

Work Experience

Top E-Commerce/Retail Company (2019-Present)

Senior Full Stack Engineer
  • Spearheaded the ‘Market Needs Assessment’ project from inception to deployment, integrating ETLs, Restful APIs with Node.js, and leveraging AWS Fargate for Docker image deployment.
  • Designed UI leveraging React hooks, React-Redux, React-Router, and Material-UI.
  • Employed React-Leaflet for geographical mapping and React-Router for seamless app navigation.
  • Crafted RESTful APIs in Node.js, Express.js for UI consumption.
  • Streamlined async actions using Redux-Sagas and executed API integrations.
  • Enhanced Material-UI styles and ensured responsive design using CSS flexbox.
  • Maintained application logs via log4Js and conducted rigorous unit testing using various tools.

Top Heath Care Service Company (2016-2019)

Senior Full Stack Engineer
  • Developed two responsive applications, BMT Mosaic and Field Sales, optimized for desktop and mobile using React.js and React Hooks.
  • Integrated Qlik Sense APIs to enhance UI data visualization.
  • Leveraged React Semantic UI components and customized CSS for enhanced user interactions and DOM manipulations.
  • Mastered React functional components and React Hooks.
  • Designed a versatile table component with React-Table, supporting filters, sorting, and dynamic resizing.
  • Incorporated Semantic UI Grid, custom animations, modals, sliders, and navigation elements.
  • Transitioned to a Single Page Application using React-Router.
  • Delivered RestFul APIs via Node.js for tailored user preferences.

Top Insurance Company (2014-2016)

Full Stack Developer
  • Managed payment gateways, including SWIFT and diverse paytypes (e.g., SCT, SDD, ISO) utilizing React.js, J2EE, and Oracle.
  • Designed and tested accessible web elements using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and React.JS.
  • Crafted CSS templates enhancing web aesthetics and layout.
  • Fostered SPA development using React.js and Redux, ensuring cross-browser compatibility.
  • Engaged with React components, forms, events, and animations for dynamic UX.
  • Streamlined data communication with RESTful web services and JSON.
  • Advanced state management via Redux, optimizing data flow with selectors and Redux-Saga.
  • Collaborated with the backend team for data representation, refined API calls, and ensured robust functionality with OOP principles.
  • Liaised with cross-functional teams for issue resolutions and QA testing.
  • Championed efficient data processing using React flux and Redux.
  • Architected scalable JavaScript applications leveraging React.js.

Banking Sector (2012-2014)

Full Stack Developer
  • Spearheaded distributed architecture handling 30M+ messages/hour, aiding in a 20% revenue surge.
  • Developed high-performance e-wallet microservices using Node.js, express.js, and Java.
  • Utilized MySQL for data storage and Redis for high-speed caching, achieving 15,000 requests/sec.
  • Leveraged Kibana and Elastic Search for KPI extraction, and showcased via React.js and D3.js.
  • Orchestrated middleware APIs in Node.js, enhancing frontend-backend synergy.
  • Crafted responsive campaign UIs using React.js and facilitated sorting & pagination.
  • Employed Redux for efficient data storage and SASS for dynamic web styling.
  • Streamlined deployments via NodeJs configuration modules, Ansible scripts, and Jenkins CI/CD.
  • Proficiently managed CRUD operations in MongoDB and debugged with Node.js tools and JSLint.
  • Tested with frameworks like Postman, Mocha, and Chai, and maintained logs using log4js.
  • Demonstrated expertise in Java, Servlets, JSP, Struts, and implemented MVC with Spring and Hibernate.
  • Collaborated on code reviews, ensured quality via SonarQube, and gauged performance with Jmeter.
  • Automated tests with Python’s Robot framework, integrated web services using SOAP and REST.
  • Designed interactive UIs using HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, and introduced SPAs with Angular 4.


Business Administration, University of Punjab, 2012


  • Deployed instances on cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Automated testing and deployment using Jenkins, AWS, and Ansible.
  • Expert in Core Java, handling multithreading, IO, exception management, and other concepts.
  • Demonstrated prowess in CSS3 techniques and developed with Spring Boot, Spring MVC.
  • Hands-on with NodeJS tools like Grunt, Gulp, and Browser modules.
  • Experienced in React’s one-way data flow, Virtual DOM, JSX, and React Native.

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